Vacation 2017 Day 08 - Great Wolf to Bellingham

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Submitted by brad on Tue, 07/18/2017 - 00:45

He Said:  Today was rough. It started out ok. M, R and I did the waterpark one last time. After that we went for Mexican, and set out on a three hour trip that ended up being about 7 or 8. Or put another way: "Sit right back and you'll hear a tale; a tale of a fateful trip. It started from this great wolf lodge aboard this minivan.  The wife was a might wee tired ma'am, the husband craving food. 5 passengers set sail that day on a three hour tour (a three hour tour). The traffic started getting rough; the minivan was hot. If not for the impatience of the tired crew the travel would be soft. The travel would be soft. The van pulled in on the lot of this undeveloped casino.". We hit bad traffic almost immediately due to a car accident we never even reached. It took an hour to go a GPS 20 minutes. We decided to pull off, but it was on reservation land that had nothing save for a casino about 20 minutes in.  There was one other road out and we thought we'd take the long way around, but it was even worse, so we ended up eventually going back into the traffic.  I don't know how people live here. It's an insane amount of traffic.  Eventually we pulled off at Bellevue to eat at PF Chang's, then continued in to Bellingham, arriving around 10PM.  Note to future self, when you review this: Do not book the Holiday Inn Express near the airport. It was the only one available and it's brand new, but the design is flawed.  The bed is literally, no exaggeration, touching a pillar such that your head is right against the metal air conditioning vent.  The sound proofing is horrible, and the bathroom pocket door slams. It did the job, but not by much.

She Said: The Mexican place across the street from GWL is very good. Very "authentic" - how would I know. Gillian and I had the soup - very tasty. Reminded me of Pho - not that it tasted like Pho, but that it amazed me how much flavour was in the broth. I could drink it. That reminds me - I heard about a restaurant in New York that just serves broth - I wonder if it succeeded. I would be a loyal customer. P.F. Changs is great but the kids aren't as impressed as Brad and I are. The mall that it was in is right in downtown Bellingham. It's a strange feeling of being in a small city downtown, with free parking in a parkade right behind the mall, but high end designer stores and well dressed people walking around.