Vacation 2017 Day 10 - Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Tue, 07/18/2017 - 01:02

 He Said:  Today (July 16) we went for a fabulous breakfast at the Bohemian Café. There was a men's underwear shop closing down across the street and advertising 50% off, which I found hilarious "I can get my underwear half off in there!".  We took a bit of a detour around the town and saw our Edmonton neighbours walking down the street, which was kind of weird. After that it was shopping for groceries for the week. Hanging out at home; taking a walk to the dog park; hitting Paynter's again. And watching Mission Impossible.

She Said: I'm glad we drove to Phil's at night. It was nice to wake up at his house. It was nice to go into downtown Kelowna. We don't usually spend any time there. It was like being a tourist. We knew that our neighbours were in town the same time as us, but it was so weird to be talking about them and then look up and see them right in front of us. Crazy. Nice relaxing day. Feeling a little lumpy since we left Great Wolf. Lots of sitting and lots of eating. Good to go down to the soccer field and run around.