Vacation 2017 Day 11 - Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Tue, 07/18/2017 - 01:06

He Said: I enjoyed today.  Gillian made breakfast banana splits (bananas, yogurt, raspberries, oats, cherries). We had a slow time getting out the door, stretching out to lunch. We ate at Buy The Sea, which Shannon always enjoys. Then we went to H20 where we stayed until I was wrinkled. I was able to spend some time with G, some time with R, and share a moment or two with M.  It was back home for supper, followed by games.  G, M and I played Taboo (well, a free phone equivalent), while S and R did Trivial Pursuit. That was a LOT of fun, for me.  Then we wrapped it up with Mission Impossible 5.

She Said: Yes it was a nice day. Anytime someone else is making a meal is a good time. Ryan was kicking my but at Trivial Pursuit. I was using the original game cards and he was using the kid's version. We both got bored before there was a true winner though. Buy the Sea has the best fish and chips. I ate a fish taco though. The clam chowder is good, but too salty for me. I preferred the one in Little San Francisco.