Vacation 2017 Day 12 - Kelowna

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Submitted by brad on Thu, 07/27/2017 - 17:10

He Said: S wasn't feeling well, so I took the kids to Scandia. Same comment as always, half the games there are from when I was twelve.  Burned in screens, etc.  They redid the outdoor mini golf, though, and are currently renovating the inside one.  The mini-golf was fun.  I had three hole-in-ones, including the last hole, which gets me a free game.  There was a new arcade game there, Space Invaders. Basically Space Invaders, but on an 8' screen with two players operating canon-style guns.  Ryan and I enjoyed playing that.  Other than that, I let the kids run with a few coins, pick up a few pointless baubles, and it was back home to mom.  She was feeling better so we attempted to do dinner and a movie, but the restaurant was too full and the movie sold out, so we ended up eating at Tim's and going home. I forget what we did after that. I took way too long to write this. Something amazing, I'm sure.

She Said: I was poisoned - I'm sure.  Ick.  I finally felt better by late afternoon, but I don't remember what we did after Tim's either. Probably another Mission Impossible.