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When I was your age...

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Just a short one for my birthday while the kids make supper.  When I was your age...

Gillian and Mara
The movie 2001 was about the future, not some theoretical alternate past. Ditto for 2010 and the ever classic Space 1999.
...On a clear day, you could pick up another channel on the TV. It had "snow".

'I' am nothing without 'U'

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This could (and probably should) wait until May, but inspiration knows no bounds.  It knows nothing of your clocks and sundials, puny human. It just is,
and if it hits you, it will not wait. Follow it through or it may not visit again. I'll classify this post as Shannon's gift from Cupid. Nobody but Shannon will gush about this post, and I'm alright with that.

Feud for Thought

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(Click 'read more' to see all of it) As is sure to be a common theme on my blog, this one is about the inevitable decay of mankind.  We are all one bad day away from cracking open the skulls of our neighbours and feasting on the nectar within.  I once worked at a place that had to send out an e-mail. It explained how someone had been stealing food from the refrigerator, eating it, then returning the containers with racist and offensive notes.

Invasion of the Body Scanners

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Well, I've booked my flight to Vegas.  If you don't mind spending a day transferring from airport to air and back again (and who does?), it's still pretty cheap. I'm dreading having to pass through multiple security checkpoints, though. I just know those body scanners are going to slow me down. They get one good look at what I'm packing, and I'll get flagged for "private searches" every time.

The futility of life.

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This'll be a long one. Click 'read more' to see it all.  You want to know why I don't blog more? a.) I figure people need time to read it. b.) I get bored. c.), I figure what's the point.  That's a key one. What is the point? Of anything?  If global warming doesn't do us in, the dwindling water supply will.